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Industrial Engineer


Mark Lampad is the founder of BIMAdvance Consulting. He started as a freelance Structural Design Engineer and his journey with Revit in 2006. For more than a decade and up to this date, Mark’s career focuses mainly on mentoring, coordination, producing model and drawings for all trades. He also has an excellent background on managing, implementing, executing and developing the right BIM process that fits conventional construction procedure for day-to-day project requirements.

Autodesk certification;

  • Certified Professional

  • AEC Building Certification for Technical Representative

  • BIM Implementation for Structural Engineers

  • MEP Systems Specialization

Develops his Revit API that helps in the project. 

  • Design Changes Manager -  this is to capture the changes between the 2 models and compare the changes in geometry but also in the parameters.

  • Drafting Manager - the API will help the user to identify all the elements in view which are not tagged. Running this before drawing submission will reduce the amount of RFI for elements with missing information.

  • Auto Elevation - One click and you will have your elevation view with your expected crop size and template loaded.

  • Filtering by Typename

All the API's on hand will help the project to progress its BIM works without exceeding its budget.

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